Precedent Development L.L.C.

Setting The Precedent...

The term "Precedent" by definition is to serve as an example/model. The intent for this precedent is for it to be the new standard. These standards should be high and need to be produced with enthusiasm, passion and a drive to excel.

Here at Precedent Development that drive and is a must and we have a desire to share it with you during your custom home build. There is no part of a build that should be over looked, taken less-than or allowed to have a shortcut. Your personalized build is going to have you in a space that no one else has, and with 100% your touch!

Let's come together and have your end results set the PRECEDENT.

The Process...

Becoming cliental of Precedent Development will allow you to have the peace of mind in knowing that your custom home is in the hands of a group that care for the entire project, start to finish.

Knowing what the next step is can be overwhelming. Let Precedent Development erase that responsibly by taking you by the hand and leading you through the completion of each milestone. This process starts well before the first board gets a nail.

Actions we coordinate and help with to get set into action and make your custom build the envy of the neighborhood:

  1. Determine dwelling location

  2. Design floorplan & project layout

  3. Develop a financial plan for the build

  4. Finalize the Construction Contract

  5. Create project milestones

  6. Pull Local Parish Building Permit(s)

  7. Commence construction

  8. Select designs & personal styles

  9. Perform final walkthrough & capture finishing touches

  10. Take the keys, your home is complete!

After the completion of the project there will be a personalized folder that will be handed over to the new home owner. This folder will contain all of the particulars that were compiled during the build.

It is now time to kick back and relax in the beautiful home you have made to enjoy with family and friends!